Sunday, February 1, 2009

Akagera National park

The $#!@!! editor is giving problems so all the pictures
are at the top. I had wanted them to be at the bottom,

A couple musings: The other day, while walking in
the downtown area, as usual a guy came up to me trying to
sell me a newspaper. It was one I didn't know - English
Language but claiming to be independent. I tried to check
if it was old - they try to sell you old papers, but the
guy pointed at the price and obscured the date, and there
was a crowd so I bought it. Turns out it was from July
... of 2005. Mom, Dad, all that money you put into my
education - maybe it could have been better spent.

I am on a mission. From my office in Malott I can walk
over to the cafe in Mann and get a very fine cup of
Rwandan coffee for about a buck and a half. So far I have
not been able to find a cup of coffee in a pleasant cafe
for less than that. It seems to me that I should be able
to buy Rwandan coffee for LESS MONEY in Rwanda than in
Ithaca. I have 3 months to accomplish this.

So yesterday I went to Akegera National Park at the
eastern border with Tanzania. I saw hippos, baboons, monkeys,
at least 4 different `deer type' animals, giraffes and any
number of birds. Including an African swallow. Monty Python
fans - this African swallow was not big enough to carry a
coconut. The giraffes are amazing and not too scared of
people. I got to within 30 meters of them before they moved
away. When they walk it looks like slow motion.

A very fun day!


  1. Great!!!!!
    The giraffes look stately.The baby monkey looks not only cute but so secure and comfortable with the mom,naturaly!
    It is impossible to fathom four year old newspapers beimg sold,intresting at the same time.
    Coffee maybe falls under price controlled commodity,if it was agreed beforehand,so you should look into that.
    Have lots of fun.

  2. You have a giraffe in your ear.

  3. Wow. Those are some amazing pictures. Keep us posted on the coffee hunt also.