Saturday, February 14, 2009

More pictures

Not much new to report - electricity was out
in the math building for a week. Now that it
and a fast internet connection are back I thought
I'd upload more pictures. They are mostly of Akagera
and Gisenyi/Goma.

In the 2nd pic if you enlarge it you can see all the banana trees.
Cooking bananas and potatoes are staples here. Rice and bread are
too expensive for most people.

The guy in the dugout canoe was fishing and selling his catch.
He seemed to go between Rwanda and Congo along the lake with impunity.

The little boy was up in the woods above Gisenyi, in the banana farming
community. I tried to get him to look at his picture (something that
everyone here loves) but he ran away.

The last 3 pics are of Akegera. It's a special place.

Off to hike a volcano and see gorillas later this week.

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  1. By reading your blog, you just made me miss Rwanda, KIST and all other daily lifestyles dilemma In Kigali, Rwanda and all around Rwanda. It was a pleasure meeting you at Heaven Restaurant and KIST while you taught there. What you did as a Maths Professor in Central Eastern Africa is incredible and it inspires us we young and people who were especially born, raised and educated from there and by some of the most awesome visiting professors like you. We hope to do the same around other parts of the world. Hope to see you sometimes again in the future.