Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So I haven't done much exciting, but figured I'd post anyways.
I did go to Lake Kivu in the west for a couple days. I visited the town
of Kibuye (not on the Congo border mom and dad, so I did not go to
Congo this time). Kibuye is stunning. I stayed at a small hotel right
on the water:

Here's the view from my porch:

So I took a boat ride out to Napolean island (named so because it is
shaped like his hat). It's funny how your mindset changes with location.
There were no oars in the boat and I asked what they do when the motor fails.
They said you can call for help. Of course the motor failed. But you just
sit back, relax, enjoy the water instead of wondering how this can happen.
They got it running, it failed again, they got it running, it failed,...
you get the picture.

Lake Kivu is interesting - not many fish species, because of the methane gas
being released from beneath it. The notion is that this leads to periodic
extinctions. Also, the guys driving my boat were complaining the fish are
not as big as they used to be. On the flip side, they're building a huge
plant to generate electricity by burning the methane. Should bring $$$ into
the local economy.

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  1. Ravikumar, This is beautiful,it looks so relaxing you must have a got a lot of work done,Glad you are having a good time. Also happy to know the place is prospering a little,that is always great for the locals.